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Landscape Management

DRT Enterprises' residential and commercial landscape management provides full service solutions for property owners.

Landscape Management

Commercial and Residential Landscape Management is an art and DRT focuses on maintaining the life in your landscape. Don't just settle for the "mow and go," put your landscaping needs in the hands of the pros. DRT will maximize your curb appeal and more.

Cemetery Management

DRT is a multifaceted company with ample experience in all aspects of

cemetery management. Whether you're a cemetery owner or someone looking to obtain a custom burial site/entombment, DRT is uniquely capable of delivering what you need, when you need it.

DRT has been managing the landscape needs of my properties for over 10 years and thankfully, this is one area that I no longer have to worry about. They know exactly what to do and when to do it. Unfortunately I had to go through a number of contractors before I found one that I could trust. DRT has proven time and time again that they deserve my business and the countless

referrals that I have sent their direction. 

John C. - Los Altos Hills, CA

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